Kandie's Kidz

Welcome to Kandie's Kidz

SPC Travis VaughnThis is one of Kandie's Kidz, my Stepson SPC Travis R Vaughn. Travis was a Night Stalker 160th SOAR. His Chinook crashed in Afghanistan Feb. 17, 2007, after his mission was cancelled. There were 22 aboard, 14 survived and 8 were killed.

Since Travis death we have gotten busy healing by helping other Military Families, Wounded Soldiers and Veterans. Since 2007 we have helped in many different ways, During one of Iowa's biggest deployments we helped with things such as snow removal, clogged drains, paying carnotes and replacing furnaces. Webcams have been bought and sent to Afghanistan so Our Soldiers can visit with their families face to face.

When you have a Wounded Soldier the needs for the family to be with their Soldier can range from kenneling their dogs so they can go be with their Wounded, to helping with gas money, food and lodging.

I will continue to help meet the needs of Our Military Family. When we arrived in Nashville, Tn. for Travis and the others Military Funeral the Soldier waiting for us at the airport said, "Welcome to the Gold Star Family" it's one you don't want to be a part of but once you are we will always be here for you! I want to "be there" for Our Soldiers and their Families!! In a way I have adopted them all as Kandie's Kidz.

Retrieving Freedom


Retrieving Freedom, Inc. (RFI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that trains service dogs for placement into three main markets, Veterans, children with autism and adults and children with Diabetes.

Kandie and Lukas both support and work with this fine organization.